These 3 questions can help you achieve your goal


Investing in a new website can be a scary thing. You don’t know if you will like the finished product, if it would speak the right message or how will your customers react to your website.


These questions will help you communicate better with your designer, ask the right questions and get the best possible result when making a new website.


#1 Discuss with your designer what you like or don’t like


Talk with your designer and show him/her some website designs that you like, that you think will fit your business, or any design element you would like to incorporate into your website. Are some colors mandatory for use on your new website? Is that specific shade of blue used for branding your company? That information is crucial for a successful outcome with your new design.


#2 Discuss the deadline


For you to feel less stressed about making a new website, it’s important to set a timeline with partial delivery deadlines before the beginning of the project. Setting the completion date for your website is also important for your designer to know, so he/she would be prepared to deliver you the final product when you need or expect it.

Why multiple partial delivery deadlines? Because website will be developing, and you’ll want to see if it is going in the right direction. That means, for example, you’ll need to meet with your designers every two weeks and go through the design, let them tell you why they did what they did and why they think it’s a good idea. Feel free to express your feelings about the design, what is it that you like or don’t like and maybe what would you like to be done differently.


#3 Talk about your budget


In this economy, investing in a new website design isn’t easy. Even if a designer has a price shown on their website, feel free to contact them. Tell them what you need, what’s your business about and what is your budget.